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stepping into your most authentic self and owning your energy.

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Hang tight! This isn’t math class. This is your FREE ULTIMATE GUIDE to what the universe is telling you.
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the modern day psychic

Courtney, best known as the "Modern-Day Psychic" is a renowned psychic-medium and expert relationship intuitive, who has coached men and women all over the world. Putting her gifts to God's work after a career as a publicist in Hollywood, she became well respected for her ability to coach. With a successful background in Social Work, Courtney's unique ability to incorporate mediumship into coaching has earned her respect globally. Having worked with top psychic networks, celebrity clients and high profile cases, Courtney is a go-to for relationship, career, life and soul path guidance. She provides a non-judgemental and safe space for you to dig deep, explore and energetically clear old wounds that may be triggering you.

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how can I help

Offering individuals an alternative way of healing through mediumship, crystal therapy, energy medicine and therapeutic approaches.

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Clearing all current and past energy blocks. Providing the tools and talk to heal trauma, using Courtney's energy techniques. Breaking down old walls and building new boundaries, while gaining the confidence to OWN your energetic bubble.

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Utilizing her spirit team, Courtney connects you to loved ones who have crossed over. She provides tools for you to work with your own spirit guides. Her coaching is spirit driven.

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Crystal therapy is a holistic option to heal physical, emotional and spiritual ailments. Courtney provides a customized regimen based on which stones you will be working with. Crystals are supportive for anxiety, insomnia, fatigue and many others.

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Bringing together spirituality and counselling, Courtney incorporates her background as a Social Worker into her coaching. She finds it helpful to apply traditional therapy tools in her practice.

Client Love

Courtney is one of the purest, sweetest, and most straightforward souls I've come across - IN THE ABSOLUTE BEST WAY! Her gentleness and openness is beyond comforting. She knows how to call you out on the things that need attention in your life and provides you with the tools to make sure you can get the job done. Aside from being an amazing coach and mentor, Courtney is definitely a cheerleader to her clients and is genuine in her excitement and enthusiasm about progress. I may not have loved hearing the message I did, but I really needed to in order to be able to open myself up to life again and take charge in order to change things. I can't thank her enough for giving me the much needed kick to get the ball rolling. I would highly recommend Courtney to anyone who may be feeling stuck in life - after just one session, I feel like I know exactly what I need to do and have been feeling so much lighter already


I connected with Courtney’s energy right away! She is straight to the point but gentle. Like a older sister/best friend type energy. She is extremely gifted and so easy to talk to. It’s like talking to your best friend who has lots of insights. It’s also that best friend who will give you a little push to help you work your own way by giving you tips and actions (like have you come out with a power statement and say it out loud, for example). I experienced waves of emotions after our first call and had weird dreams, which only proves to me that her magic is doing its work! If you need help in letting go of events, need direction, work on being your higher self, tap into your gifts, have confidence in where you are headed, I HIGHLY recommend Courtney. I’m excited to work with her long term. She had me at hello.


I'm not even sure where to begin, every session I have with Courtney is unbelievable. She gets right down to business and gets right to the root of what is going on and what you need to do to heal and move forward. I'm in awe of her talent, her connections with her spirit team and her knowledge of crystal therapy. I love knowing that when I'm out of sorts and need some guidance, I can count on Courtney. I will definitely continue to work with this amazing woman.


Game changer, everyone!! Courtney has not only helped guide me personally with “present” issues that have been all consuming, but is helping my daughter with deeply needed healing. She goes that extra mile, out of her way - she knows where the healing is required. I have a sense of genuine peace since speaking with Courtney - even through my most trying times, she’s given me reassurance (with the absolute “OMG does she have cameras in my house type of validation!”) that’s it’s going to be OK. Like I say, some people go to Church - I go to Courtney. I’m in this for the long haul.


I've recently connected with Courtney and my God has she ever done wonders for me!! She's not only lifted my spirits, given me hope, but she totally transformed the energy in my life. Things have happened that are unimaginable and it's all thanks to her. I'm so thankful for Courtney, crystals, and her guides. 10 out 10!!!!


Oh my gosh, it feels so good to have all that negative, fearful energy cleared out! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel like myself again! High five!


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