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Free spirits. Bossbabes. Newbies. Junkies. Modern day pyschics.


It’s time to say YES to your crystal calling! 


Struggling to work with crystals?

As you read this, you'll uncover…

How to EFFECTIVELY pop your psychic abilities open through crystals 

and work with them to your advantage!

Applying the secret sauce I’ve used for 10+ years in my crystal healing journey, developing your powers doesn’t have to be easier said than done.

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  • A part of you still thinks crystal healing is a woo-woo nonsense or still ignores the fact that it can boost your powers (‘Bout time we drop that sweet girl!) 
  • You’ve Googled “crystals for psychic development” a thousand times but still couldn’t grasp it 100%.
  • You have a Master’s degree in Crystal Overwhelm. The kinds, properties, and benefits are just too much to handle!
  • You feel sooo drawn to them and You. Just. Need. ANSWERS!!!
  • You want a trusted source who can help you become a crystal healer, a gemstone expert, and a master rockhound!
Hunny, it’s no accident you’re reading this. Keep going.


I don't even know where to begin when talking about the wonders Courtney did for me with her crystal healing!! She gave me a few different regiments depending on my areas of needs and every single time I was left feeling so energized and healed -- especially in my love space. Once I found the most amazing man the rose quartz kept fallout or falling on the ground! Which thanks to court, she told me this means that area doesn't need any more healing! I was struggling with my sleeping, specifically sleep paralysis and once Courtney put me on her sleep crystal kit I slept like a baby and I haven't had any issues since!!

I cannot thank her enough and this course took everything to the next level!!!!



Whether you’re a newbie witch or a seasoned practitioner, you just need that rock-solid blueprint that will help you master your intuitive gifts and harness the power of crystal healing, for yourself and for those around you.



The curriculum is designed to equip you with...

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Everything Crystals, Simplified

You don’t have to be a practitioner to explain crystals to a seven-year-old.

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Self Diagnosing and Distance Healing

This is where we’ll deep dive into my secret sauceYES, you can self-diagnose, customize your own crystal regimen, get crystal clear on which gems will boost your psychic abilities, and work with them in person or remotely.

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Finding Your Tribe

You’re not alone in this journey! You will link arms with crystal babes and psychic pros who will boost your curiosities, minus the fear of judgment.


  • Knowing the stone types, facets, and origins in a heartbeat
  • Choosing a stone for today’s energetic purpose
  • Self-diagnosing and never visiting a crystal therapist again
  • Aligning crystals to your chakra system
  • Building your own crystal therapy biz
  • Picking (even with eyes closed) which stones will strengthen your intuition
  • Using a combo of crystals plus modern-day methods to develop your psychic power into a highly-skilled, reliable healing tool


I have always been drawn to crystals - they are so mesmerizing, each so unique, so colourful. I started buying crystals intuitively after a few people had suggested it for my son. We would find a metaphysics store and buy the crystals that caught our eye. all that has changed in the last year - we still buy crystals intuitively but now we also buy crystals with purpose and intent. My first call with Courtney, she put my son and I on a crystal regimen, the shocker she wanted me to wear them in my bra - everyday. I was sceptical. Wearing crystals in my bra...Was she serious?! But I did as I was told. For the first little while I did not notice anything... The first day I forgot to put my crystals in my bra after wearing them daily for over 4 weeks - I felt off, like something was missing. Since that day, I have not forgotten to put my crystals in bra, it has now become part of my morning routine. For my son, Courtney recommended a few crystals that would help him - with his sleep as he had been having night terrors and with protection as he is a big empath and feels EVERYTHING. Within a few days the night terrors were non existent and his demeanour had changed - he was no longer carrying the weight of the world, literally. Along with crystal regimen tailored to our needs, Courtney also taught use about cleansing our crystals of all the negative energy - with water, the moonlight, the sun, sage or by burying them in our garden (my sons’ favourite!). Cleansing our crystals is now a sacred ritual that my son and I share - thanks immensely to Courtney.


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Speaking of modern…


I’m Courtney Taylor

and I’m called the “Modern Day Psychic” for a good reason.

Instead of the good old crystal ball and lit neon signs, I live off of wifi, energy, and CRYSTALS! No tools, no cards. Just those three. And probably coffee.

I knew I was gifted since I was young and have loved crystals my whole life. As an adult, I’ve been using crystals to enhance my intuitive gifts and help heal over a thousand people physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

But still I felt like something’s missing.

I never wanted to stop at healing.

 I wanted to teach it, so more people can heal other people, pop open their powers through crystals, and spread crystal therapy like a domino.

Now I’m here, welcoming you to Crystal Clear Academy.


I’ve been into crystals for as long as I can remember. But for the most part, they were pretty “rocks” to display in my home. Thanks to Courtney she showed me crystals had MUCH more to offer me than only looking pretty. In true Courtney nature - after our first session she prescribed a list of crystals for me to wear in my bra, which was - at the time weird for me. But I did as I was recommended and adding crystals to my bra just became part of my morning routine.  Courtney also recommended crystals for my son to help with his sleep - he had night terrors and in general didn’t sleep as well as he should have. But ever since that first night his sleep has just been so much better. So it was only natural for me to register for Crystal Clear Academy. Courtney, once again killed it! She made sure to pack this course with so much valuable information and I have access to that information for the rest of my life, so I can easily go back for refreshers! It’s also so easy to follow that my son has been listening to the lessons and he’s been loving as well! I now feel confident in prescribing myself the crystals I need. The added resources also helped me elevate my business to a new level.

- Ashley


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Here are the goods when you enroll… 

Crystal Clear Academy


Learn how to effectively pop your psychic powers open using crystals and work with them to your advantage

Lifetime access to exclusive online course library
40+ pre-recorded video lessons
Access to our Private Facebook Group
3 Premium bonuses listed below
AND *drumroll please*… no graduation deadline — No pressure here sweet girl!!


Alright, alright. Of course, there’s more! Presenting your PREMIUM BONUSES...

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Crystals for your Love Life 
(value $197)

Exclusive and detailed crystal regimen to place you in front of a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

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Crystal Therapy Business
(value $197)

Highly effective strategies to marry your crystal therapy practice and entrepreneurial spirit… and scale it yearly!

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Resources Vault
(value $197)

Lifetime access to crystal knowledge overload from the world’s best therapists and crystal experts.

Remember what I said earlier?

My goal is to teach, so more people can heal other people, crack open their gifts using crystals, and help others do the same..

Well, not only did I pour my heart out to share with you every info, method, and hack of crystal healing…

I also made it affordable for a fraction of a fraction of the original price.

For less than $10/day, you can now give your intuitive gift its much needed boost.


Pay in full and save 7%



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Two payments of





Courtney's Crystal Clear Academy has been so informational and motivating. I have always loved crystals and learning about holistic healing, but never really knew fully about crystals and their healing aspects and that each one has their own energy for various healings and protections. I’ve learned they help promote the flow of good energy and help rid the body and mind of negative energy for physical and emotional benefits, amongst many more things. It's one thing to go online and read about the different crystals, but it's a better thing to have Courtney, who is an expert, be able to teach you just about everything with crystals, forms, shapes, programming them, cleansing them, etc. You are then able to put those teachings to use in your homelife and especially your business life. This course is impressive, informative and so beneficial. There is a lot of information and I'm so proud to be part of Courtney's course and how she has put it all together. It is an online course that you can go through at your own pace. She also gives you lifetime access to the course so whenever she makes updates to it, you will always be current with all the information.




It’s your choice.

You already know it’s possible to move beyond your love of crystals to mastery of crystals.

You already know its impact on your intuition, power, and life.

You’ve seen it transform other people.

You now know you can transform other people, too.

The only question is…

Will you help us take you there?

I’ll see you on the inside!