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You’re the girl that everyone seems to tell their life story to. You meet a stranger on the street, and a few minutes into casual conversation, they’re crying on your shoulder and thanking you for listening. 
You’ve always felt a bit misunderstood. Maybe a bit lonely, even. Like you were operating on a different level from everyone around you…

You feel things beyond gut instinct. You sense the world a little deeper than others… You know things without knowing how you know them.


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Babe, you're psychic!


You just live in a confused world that hasn’t fostered your gifts.

But that ends here!


A life of deep alignment and fulfilling purpose awaits you.
Unleash your intuitive power in…
The Modern Day Psychic School:
A program for the modern day woman ready to step into a life of deep alignment, spiritual service, and true abundance.




The world needs your gifts, sis. 

You were born for this.


Have you ever…

  • Found yourself saying “I knew this was gonna happen” on the regular?
  • Had hunches or feelings that came true?
  • Found yourself overwhelmed in a room with lots of people?
  • Felt anxious around someone but you couldn’t quite put your finger on why?
  • Wanted to connect with your Spirit Team but didn’t quite know how to “feel” or “hear” them?
  • Found yourself drawn to crystals, self-healing, and inner-work wanting to know ALL about them
  •  Had a deep urge to help others, but aren’t quite sure yet where your purpose lies?







Say it with me: NO. MORE. HIDING! 

(And one more time for the people in the back!)
Stepping into your spiritual power can be scary. But babe, your time has come.

In the Modern Day Psychic School, I’ll lead you back to the innate wisdom you already hold inside so you can deepen your intuitive gifts and show up as your Highest Self. I’m also spilling ALL the juicy deets on all-things-psychic


I’m talking… 

  • The deep dive on working with crystals
  •  Developing your intuition
  •  Psychic mediumship
  •  Inner-healing & spiritual work
  •  Tried & true therapeutic techniques 





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Hi! I’m Courtney, AKA The Modern Day Psychic.

I specialize in helping women like you illuminate their psychic gifts and turn on the FLOW of their truest abundance in life. But I haven’t always been this way…
I spent years letting stigma, misconceptions, and a busy life get in the way of shining my light and sharing my gifts with the world. The truth is, it wasn’t easy knowing I was gifted.

And so I ran, I hid from, and I ignored allllll of the signs.
Most would say I was “living the life…”

Working as a Hollywood publicist, I was always on-the-go, bumping elbows with A-listers, traveling place after place. I enjoyed the perks of what I then considered “being on top.”


But I wasn’t living up to my TRUE calling, so it left me feeling unfulfilled and searching for more…
Turns out, the messages flooding through weren’t meant to be shut down after all. (Who woulda guessed?!)

Spirit had long been tapping my shoulder, urging me to claim my power, step into spiritual service, and share my gifts with the world… (Psssst… Sound familiar?)
I finally chose to let go of the old version of myself and surrender into the life Spirit had destined for me. And in 2012, beginning with a long dark night of the soul, my journey as medium began.

One day someone said to me, “you’re crazy for not using your gifts,” and something finally clicked.

I, like you, have something the world needs.

Gifts I came here to share. And the rest… Well, is history. 
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Now I’m living out my calling of multiplying the modern-day psychics in the world, because you came into this incarnation for a REASON, babe.

The world needs your light. 

But I knew it was time for a different approach.


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Psychics are NOT 

  • Woo-woo 
  • Scammers
  • Crystal ball readers
  • Crazy cookoos with neon signs out front of a palm reading shop

…like the world tends to think we are.

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We’re Modern-Day Psychics! 


Girl, forget the stigma. We’re birthing a new world of psychic healers! Sharing your gifts doesn’t have to be scary.

You can… 
  • Work with crystals 
  • Talk with Spirit
  • Sense energy 
  • Receive messages from the other side 
  • Feel the world beyond words
  • Make an impact with your gifts

     AND be a ‘normal’ modern-day woman. 


You don’t have to choose.

Using our intuition and being in-tune with our spiritual nature is the way of the future.

And babe, you just came here with these gifts to lead the way. 

So let’s do this, girlfriend. You’re READY to take the leap and become the truest version of you.



The Modern Day Psychic School is for you if…

  • You’re ready to step into your psychic power
  • You’re curious about all-things-metaphysical, but don’t really know where to start
  • You’re willing to LET GO of what’s no longer serving you and do the inner-healing work to access your Highest Self
  • You want to feel more aligned, connected, and in-tune with your guides and the Universe
  • You’ve been called to develop your intuition, but can’t find a method that resonates
  • You’re ready to receive your Spirit Team and learn to understand their messages
  • You’re willing to trust in the unseen magic all around and within you
  • You’re calling in a sacred sisterhood and seeking a supportive and like-minded community
  •  Deep inside, you know you’re meant for more, you just need a little guidance
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I channeled this program from Spirit to help women like you emerge into their greatness, claim their abundance, and go from sensitive but unsure to thriving & confident spiritual leaders… 


…And so far, I’ve helped over 1,000 women develop their intuitive gifts and radically transform their lives.

The Modern Day Psychic School will change your perspectives, shift your energy, and uplevel your life in amazing & soul-shifting ways. But don’t take my word for it…
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I'm absolutely speechless with Courtney's Modern Day Psychic School. I went into it hoping to lean into my spiritually and I got so much more. I got access to Courtney, which she is the most sweet soul and life long friend now. I got a community of amazing and like minded women who have changed my life. I also got to connect with myself more than I knew I's been such an eye opening experience.

Each module is put together so beautifully and they all flow into one another perfectly. I cannot express how transformational this whole experience was. I would recommend this Modern Day Psychic School to anyone and everyone!!!

Stop waiting and go invest in this NOW!



I wasn’t ready before. Spirit put Courtney in my path a while ago and my rational mind could not deny we were meant to work together. But I was scared. I worked through so much before I had the courage to sign up for MDP school. And even that- the signs I asked for that I should do it- I tried to deny 😂 I tried to tell myself I couldn’t possibly go farther than I had just come. And yet, I showed up. I trusted in Courtney, Spirit, the process and myself. And I cracked wide open. And it was the springboard I needed to get me to my next level. And so much of what I learned I have utilized to help others in their journey as well. When I reflect now on my wins and what it took to get me to where I am and where I wanted to be- I’m so incredibly grateful. For MDP school, for Courtney, and for my willingness to show up and keep going. I use what I have learned every day, not just for myself, but to help others too. Thank you Courtney for your love and support!

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Success Story:

"The most important message I have to offer. Don't second guess it. Dive in, Say Screw that negative energy, Be vulnerable, never say sorry and be unapologetically YOURSELF."

- Have you ever had self confidence issues?
- Do you have them now?
- Is there someone in your life that you want to forgive?
- Do you want to forgive yourself?
- Do you WANT to make things happen wether it's in a relationship, work, goals?
- Do you want to learn to connect more to your spirit team?

If you have answered yes to any of these question's then you need to take this program. 

I answered yes to all those when I decided to sign up for the program. I always use to make excuses to things so I wouldn't have to deal with them or face them in my life. Courtney is literally one of the most amazing people I have ever met in my life. 

Before I started Modern Day Psychic School, everyday I woke up looking in the mirror literally HATING everything about me. I had horrible depression and anxiety. I always put everyone before myself. My dad left when I was 5. I never forgave him for that. how could he leave me? why wasn't I good enough for him to stay? How could he not love me? I was sexually assaulted when I was 17. hated my body, I hated me. I lost who I was. I've never been so vulnerable in my life like I was in this program. it was my safe haven. Not only did I get a mentor for life but I got a friend. I made forever friends.

This program gave me My self confidence. I finally love myself for who I am. I love my body and I flaunt it now. It led me to a really great guy who SEEs me as this amazing person who Is beautiful on the inside and outside. It led me to forgive my dad for leaving. It made me be the powerful one and to know that him leaving was all about him and nothing to do with me. I forgave the guy who took away my sexual intimacy. I took it back it and I own it. He doesn't have any power or control over me anymore. Im learning to connect more to spirit.

Every time I get goosebumps I say THANK YOU SPIRIT for giving me a sign for knowing they are with me. But most of all, I FOUND me again. The new and improved ME. The most important message I have to offer. Don't second guess it. Dive in, Say Screw that negative energy, Be vulnerable, never say sorry and be unapologetically YOURSELF.



I had the opportunity to participate in Modern Day Psychic School and it was an incredible experience. I learned new things about myself, tools and education on how to better support, protect and connect as well as met an incredible group of like-minded soul sister's. I believe many of us from this group will stay connected and continue to support one another as we continue to navigate through this thing called life. We cried, learned much, supported, and educated one another through this process! This course is such a beautiful creation that Courtney compiled and brought life to for so many to experience. I highly recommend if you have the opportunity to invest you time and money into an experience that you will be blessed to carry forward.


I am truly grateful for Courtney and the Modern Day Psychic School. I learnt so much and it has changed my life for the better. I’m less anxious and now have the tools to help me better understand my triggers. I have a much better connection with my Spirt Guides and receive validation all the time. I all around just feel like a better person because of this course and Courtney. It was definitely a decision I do not regret making.

💖 Shannon

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Girl, you deserve to feel confident and free, like the powerful Goddess that you are.


But to get there, it means NO more

  • Feeling small
  • Hiding your gifts

  • Distrusting yourself
  • Avoiding spiritual growth

  • Allowing yourself to feel stuck

  • Letting your intuition overwhelm you

  • Worrying about the opinions of others
  • Belittling your abilities and saying NO when you want to say YES!





Girl, you deserve to feel confident and free, like the powerful Goddess that you are.


But to get there, it means NO more

  • Feeling small
  • Hiding your gifts

  • Distrusting yourself
  • Avoiding spiritual growth

  • Allowing yourself to feel stuck

  • Letting your intuition overwhelm you

  • Worrying about the opinions of others
  • Belittling your abilities and saying NO when you want to say YES!
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You can’t ignore the signs forever.

You’re ready, sweet girl!

And I’ll be with you every step of the way. 


Here’s the deets on the magic you’re about to receive:

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6 Channeled modules walking you through the Modern Day Psychic Method

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Practical steps, rituals, and routines to implement that’ll hone the new skills and polish the new tools you’ll gain

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A workbook for each module, challenging you to dig deep and be radically honest with yourself (get ready for BIG breakthroughs, babe!)

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Guided audio activations in each module to integrate teachings
















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Module 1: Aligning to your highest self

To expand is to heal and it’s no different when connecting with your spirit team. Being open to receive and making the energetic space to have more of what you want, begins right here. This foundational module will have you digging deep into your past to heal old conditioning and patterning. It’s time to connect deeply to your why and be unapologetic about what you desire.

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Module 2: Therapeutic Approaches

Meshing spirituality with traditional therapy practices, you’ll gain the tools necessary to feel supported while you step into this next level. Journeying to your next destination can be overwhelming and sometimes comes with negative thoughts, fears or anxiety. This module offers tangible tools to use while walking your journey.

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Module 3: Energy Medicine

Healing is powerful. In this module, you’ll learn all about energy centers, the chakras and how to heal on a holistic level: mind, body and soul. We’ll take the deep dive into what causes energy blocks, how they manifest, and how to clear them. After this module, there’ll be no more “feeling stuck.”

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Module 4: Crystal Therapy

You’re probably drawn to crystals, but do you know why? It’s not just their pretty appearance. Crystals have powerful energy that can help us heal just about anything. From depression, to anxiety, to migraines even— crystals are here to do the work. We’ll go in-depth about crystal therapy and how to effectively work with crystals before discovering which crystals will work best with your unique energy.

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Module 5: Psychic Mediumship

The module everyone looks forward to! This is THE place to learn how to tap into your psychic abilities. It’s time to become besties with spirit! You’ll meet your spirit team and begin to understand how to interpret their messages. You’ll connect with your bigger vision and learn about your soul’s mission with practical tools and the support of your guides.

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Module 6: Connected to your highest self

Reflecting on how you’ve transformed throughout the program and providing mindset tools to help you manifest your dream life. Now that you’ve connected to spirit and feel aligned with your highest self, we’ll focus on how to integrate your new perspectives into your daily life and continue your journey of expansion.

Are you ready & prepared to dive down the rabbit-hole of your soul?

Realignment and transformation happens when you're able to trust
(1) spirit,
(2) your psychic abilities, and
(3) yourself.

Only then can we tap into your abilities. Get ready for some serious inner-work and quantum healing, girlfriend.

But let me assure this one thing: spirit will always support you on this journey if you allow them too.
The Modern Day Psychic School will catapult you into a self-awakening journey, encourage you to heal any lingering trauma, help you let go of what once was, and be a conduit for you to step into your true purpose.

You’ll gain clarity on what you really want in life— both personally and professionally.

And you’ll receive messages from the other side that will empower you to know if you’re on the right path.



Imagine how amazing it would feel to…

  • Be ultra-confident in your unique gifts
  • Be open to alignment
  • Embrace your intuition fully
  • Manifest the abundant life you desire with ease
  • Free yourself from past patterns, trauma, and conditioning
  • Connect deeply to your spirit team
  • Be an integral part of a tight-knit community of sacred sisters who understand and support your spiritual journey
  • Confidently share your unique message while making an impact in the world
  • Enhance your abilities
  •  Enrich your life
  • Sky-rocket your career
  • Deepen your relationships
  • Help others do the same
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Can you feel the excitement in your bones, love?!

Your true purpose awaits your awakening, and I can’t wait to help guide you there. Let’s get started already!

I’ll see you inside The Modern Day Psychic School!


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