Everything you need to call in your dream life all in a FREE 5 minute meditation.

Are you ready to finally receive your heart’s deepest desires?


What if I told you… it’s possible to have the life you truly dream of? 


That everything you want and desire is purposeful and meant for you…


That you don’t have to exhaust yourself spending hours upon hours searching for your path and throwing darts at the wall. 



You deserve to live the life you dream of…

And the key is not some “tried-and-true” exclusive strategy, new product to sell, or new membership to join.

It’s not something you can think-to-death. It’s not something you can grasp for…


Nope. The answer is hidden in plain sight.



It’s time to claim your abundance 

It’s your birthright!


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?


Are you frustrated with technique after technique that fails you


Are you great at small manifestations but confused on how to attract the BIG things in life?



Or maybe you don’t even know where to begin on your manifestation journey…


If you’re ready to…

✔ Get clear on your path forward

 Activate your soul’s deepest remembering

 Learn how to manifest your bigger vision in life

 Ignite your passion and feel on FIRE! 




Girl, forget the hustle. 


Forget the “shoulda, woulda coulda…” 


Forget feeling stuck and out of control. 


You can take a breath. 

The search is over, babe. 

Psssst… You are the strategy. 


Me?! Yes, YOU. 


YOU in your highest vibration. 

YOU in your greatest joy. 

YOU in unshakeable passion.

YOU in the remembrance of your own Divine & delicious power



Your Highest Self has all the answers…


All you have to do is connect with Her.


The version of you that knows. 

The version of you that remembers. 

The version of you that’s unstoppable. 


Are you ready to activate your soul’s deepest expression and take your manifestation game to the next level



Hi! I'm Courtney 👋

As a psychic medium and energetic fire starter, I'm obsessed with handing people the messages that they need.

Guiding you home to meet with your highest self, introducing you to your spirit team and helping you heal everything that isn't easy (yup, life gets to be so freaking easy if you ALLOW it to be), is what I do. 

And I show you that hanging with the psychics, doesn't all have to be super woo woo. This is more than anything about having a relationship with yourself.

I'm based in Ottawa, Canada but you'll never find me in one place for too long, as I love exploring the world, culture and meeting new people. I'm a cat mom to my three precious fur babes and have a background in Social Work. Im on a mission to bring together the spiritual and mental health spaces for alternative forms of healing.